A Beautiful Funeral (The Maddox Brothers #5) Bite Me If You Can (Argeneau #6)

The memory of Mrs. Kane’s distaste for me and this dress somehow bolstered me. It tore through my grief and fired my anger. And I needed my anger more than I needed any of the rest of it.

Yes! I sat in the chair closest to the fireplace and sighed as the heat surrounded me. Daisy came into the room and stretched out in front of my chair.Here. He handed me the skewer. I blew on the blackened marshmallow as he started another one for himself. For a few minutes there was no sound but the hissing of the fire and the storm battering the building. I found myself strangely at ease. After my close call at the marina, I was surprised I wasn’t jumping at the slightest noise. But this was actually nice.

The Clockwork Scarab (Stoker & Holmes #1)

Have you always done this – hunting vampires? Do all Mohiri become warriors?He sat with his back to the couch and his long legs stretched out across the rug. Most do though we have some scholars and artisans. Being a warrior is in our blood, what we are born to do. I have never wanted to do anything else.I absorbed that for a minute. What is it like growing up there? Do you live in houses or in some kind of military base? Do you go to school or start training when you’re little? Since I’d first learned about the Mohiri, I imagined them living like soldiers, sleeping in barracks and training to fight every day. It all seemed so cold and militant and it did not reconcile with the way he spoke about family.

Lady Crymsyn (Vampire Files #9)

He smiled and skewered another marshmallow. We live in fortified compounds all over the world. The larger compounds look like private campuses and the smaller ones are basically well fortified estates. It is not safe for a Mohiri family to live outside a compound because they would be vulnerable to vampire attack. Families live together and the living quarters are large and comfortable. Children attend school until they are sixteen and physical training begins when they reach puberty. He leaned forward and the fire played across his handsome face. It is a good life. There is a deep sense of belonging among the Mohiri and everyone who comes to live among us is happier than they were living among humans.I stared at the flames. His meaning was clear and I did not want to break our moment of peace by replaying the old argument. Maybe the Mohiri were not as cold and impersonal as I’d thought but I could not imagine being any happier there. My dad would still be gone and I wouldn’t even have Nate or Roland and Peter.

The ringing of the kitchen phone cut through the silence and I jumped up to answer it. It was Nate, calling from his hotel in Boston, his voice full of worry.

Hey, I hear you guys are getting hit by a hard nor’easter. Everything okay there?The sparrow twitched restlessly in my hands so I opened them and watched him take flight, his newly healed wing moving like it had never been broken. I giggled as he circled my head happily a few times then flew up to perch on a branch above me.

I hope you’re more careful next you see that old tom cat, I told him as I stood and brushed dirt off my jeans. I pulled on my mittens and set off across the small park at the end of our street. The sky was heavy with gray clouds and I could smell snow in the air. If we got enough snow this time, Daddy promised to take me sledding. My pace picked up and I hurried home.I could hear our neighbor’s basset hound, Charlie, baying from halfway down the street and I wondered what had upset him. Charlie was old and he didn’t even bark at squirrels or cats anymore. When I reached our neighbor’s house I walked around to their backyard to see what Charlie was making so much noise about. It surprised me to find him straining at his wire run, barking and howling at my backyard. Something about the way his hackles were raised made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Night World : Black Dawn (Night World #8)

I ran back out to the street and up the walkway to our front door. Daddy, I think there’s something wrong with Charlie, I called, opening the door. I tossed my mittens and cap on the bench in the hallway. Daddy? I called again.Where is he? The house was filled with the aroma of pot roast so he had to be here. He would never leave with the stove on.

Something did not feel right. Then I felt the cold draft coming down the hallway. He must have gone out back to see why Charlie was barking and left the door open. I shook my head. He was always scolding me for doing that.I smelled it just before I reached the kitchen, a warm coppery scent that made my stomach lurch and my pulse quicken. A cry burst from me when I stepped inside and saw the spray of red across the white cupboards and the trail of blood that disappeared out through the open door.

Fear exploded in my chest. Daddy! I cried, running for the door. My boots skidded on the slick blood and I flailed as I fell through the doorway, landing hard on my hands and knees on the back step. My head came up and I saw the bloody steps, the broken railing and…No! I crawled frantically toward the figure lying at the bottom of the steps, his favorite blue shirt shredded and bloody. I felt it then, the horrible pulling sensation of a life draining away. No, Daddy, no! I threw myself on him, begging him to stay with me as I poured my power into him until there was nothing left to give. It was not enough. His green eyes stared sightlessly at the grey sky as the first snowflakes touched his ravaged face.

No! I came awake with a cry and stared blindly in the dark with my heart thudding against my ribs. Reaching up a trembling hand, I swiped at the tears on my cheeks and pushed damp strands of hair out of my face. I lay there for several minutes as my heart rate returned to normal and the last vestiges of the dream left me.The curtain fluttered, drawing my eyes to the pale light coming through the window. Far out in the bay a buoy clanged and closer to shore a sea otter whistled. Soothed by the familiar noises, I threw off my covers and went to push the window open wider, letting cold morning air fill the room. I took a deep calming breath of ocean air as I listened to the muted sounds of the bay and let myself think about the dream.

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